Saturday, August 10, 2013

Survival Week

I'm calling this post "survival week" because that totally explains the last few days. Before I get in to that lets go back about 3 weeks. A few days before our OR/WA trip we went up AF Canyon with Katie and the fam. It was way fun and babies actually did pretty good. Yup...that's Hadley sucking on a rock :o)

Now for some pics of the trip. We left Wednesday the 24th at 3:30 in the morning and arrived at my parents about 14 hours later. We were able to drive straight through (which was questionable since this was our first long trip with the twins.) Here is Lily and Ethan their first official road trip. I love Lily's eyes as she peaks over her Doggy Dog.

One day we went in to town to walk the river front. While we were there we watched the river pilot go out and intercept a ship coming in.

On Saturday Katie and Doug got to my parents house. After church on Sunday we all went to the beach while we waiting for Buffy and her girls to show up.

Sunday night we went to the beach again for a bon least, I think there was a fire. Little ones were being pills and I honestly don't remember much other than crying :o)

We had a lot of fun visiting all our family. Here are some more random Oregon pics...

Survival Week:
We got back on Sunday from Buffy's house in Washington. The babies did ok on the trip back...but definitely not as good as on the way there. While they did great on our trip, we are making up for it this week. Their sleep schedules are totally off, Ethan got some wicked chafing in this neck and Lily got a rash to beat all previous rashes on her tushy. Plus, on Monday we took them in for their 4 month appointment and received their shots. This week has been full of prescriptions, baby Tylenol, diapers galore, dr appointments, fever and crying, needy, sad babies. I'm happy to say though that we are finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel and my little ones are finally getting back to normal. Here are the stats from their dr appointment.

Ethan: 14 lbs 4 oz (35%)
25 1/2 inches long (60%)
43.5 cm head circumference (75%) Yup, he has a big head

Lily: 12 lb 1 oz (15%)
24 3/4 inches long (70%)
41 cm head circumference (45%)

That's all...time to get back to my wee angels.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Lily & Ethan's Blessing

Last week the babes were blessed at church. It was such a wonderful experience. I have waited many, many, many years to bless my child in sacrament...and we were fortunate to bless two the same day.

I received a ton of compliments on Lily's dress. It was made by Devan's mom and has been worn by several girls in the Gregory family starting with his younger sister Buffy. We are so grateful to Buffy for letting us borrow it for this special day. Ethan wore the outfit that Dayne and JoJo were blessed in. I was so glad we were able to keep it all in the family :o) Plus, I love that fact that they wore pink and blue.

Thank you so much to all of those who were able to make it to the blessing. We are blessed to know so many wonderful people. We love you all!!!

Friday, June 21, 2013

When Dad Watched the Twins

Last night Devan was on baby duty so that I could get some cleaning done in preparation for my momma coming. Pretty soon the music was blasting and all 3 were on the floor....what are they staring at you might be asking...why, Mr Fan of course :o) Devan has the ceiling fan remote in his hand and turns the fan and lights on and off and the twinners love it. I think Devan likes it too. Click ***HERE*** to see the video I took of it.

The twins have recently started this new thing of taking a really long nap in the morning. I have also discovered that if they fall asleep on the couch with a blanket and a pillow they are in baby heaven and sleep even longer. Don't worry, I keep a close on them.

Here are just a couple of super cute pictures from the last couple of days.

Here is Ethan right after he got out of the bath.

Miss Lily found her thumb while napping.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

First day at Church

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

2 Month Well Check

Yesterday we took the babies in for their 2 month well check appointment. For starters, the day started out a bit rough when I woke up sick at 4 am. Now, Devan was planning on working a few hours that morning and then coming home early to help with the dr appointment. Luckily for me though he decided to just take the whole day off. This allowed me to sleep in plus he basically took care of the babies himself most of the day. (I am one lucky wife!)
The dr appointment itself went really well. The dr said both little ones were doing great. Here were their stats:

Weight - 11 lbs 7 oz (50%)
Length - 23 inches (50%)
Head - 40 cm (50%)

Weight - 9 lbs 7 oz (10%)
Length - 22.5 inches (50%)
Head - 38 cm (25%)

The dr joked that Ethan must have read the baby manual since he was exactly 50% for every category. They both received 5 shots yesterday. Poor little dears. They had 2 nurses come in so that they could do them both at the same time. They had Devan and I hold their arms and the nurses held their legs and administered the shots. I swear they both looked up at me with a look that screamed "why on earth are you torturing me like this."
After their appointment they both fell asleep in the truck and stayed asleep for a couple of hours. Then they both woke up and all hell broke loose. It took both Devan and I quite a while to get them both calmed down enough to eat anything and then back to sleep. I snapped this picture of Ethan sleeping on dad.

I'm glad to say that so far today is going much better. They have been sleeping a lot and I even got smiles out of both of I'm pretty sure they don't totally hate me :)

Now for a totally different topic. I took these pics this last Saturday while we were up in Draper taking care of G & N's lawn. The only thing missing from the first picture is Grandma sitting right between them. We sure do miss them!!!